Day Training Programs

Day Training Camp

Our Day Training Program is done right in our Schaumburg studio. You will drop off your dog at our studio in the morning with one of our caring trainers, and pick up your pooch in the evening after he has had a day full of training, socialization, and exercise.

Your dog’s day will be packed full of fun and learning. Daily, your dog will have individual training sessions inside the training studio, and continuing outside on neighborhood walks. He will be learning around the distraction of other dogs in the studio, which is fantastic for socialization and concentration. He will also be walked with other dogs, learn to stay on his place next to other dogs, and hold a down stay in the middle of the training studio. These commands will translate well to your home, giving your family a sigh of relief.

Each day when you pick up your dog, you will see what he has learned, before working with our trainers to practice how to maintain your dog’s commands at home. Don’t worry – our trainers start at the beginning with all owners, so you will be sure to be able to continue the obedience at home with confidence.

You will see amazing progress the first day you pick your dog and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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5-Day Day Training:
Finally, enjoy your walks! Look forward to taking your dog out instead of dreading it. Dogs in our 5 Day Program will learn good everyday leash manners. This includes going for a walk without pulling on the leash or crossing in front of you. Dogs will also learn to heel and to automatically sit at your side when you stop, as well as to sit on command. In addition, they will learn the wait command. No more rushing out doors ahead of you!  Tuition: $1199

10-Day Day Training:

Our 10 Day Program dogs learn habits that extend beyond leash walks. Dogs will learn and significantly improve on all the fundamentals in the 5 day program plus the down, place, off, and come commands. These commands are true game changers, giving you confidence that your dog will be where you need him to be in the home or yard. Imagine calling your dog to come to you and he does – it is possible! Dogs in our 10 Day Program will also learn to hold both a sit and down until you say so. In addition, they will also learn a place command. This is a command to stay on a certain place such as a mat until released. When your dog is on his place, he can’t get into trouble!  Finally, this program is a great opportunity to address jumping habits.  Tuition: $1399

20-Day Day Training:

Wouldn’t it be so great to be able to communicate with your dog from a distance? In this program, your dog will be taught all of his stationary commands without the need for a leash. Even better, you’ll be able to page your dog to come to you from a distance! Your whole family will be able to offer the same consistent feedback that you can! Imagine your dog behaving for everyone! This is truly the ultimate dog training program!  Tuition: $2399

Best Life Day Training:

Set your dog up for a lifetime of success!  This 1-year package includes every program that we offer!

2 weeks of Puppy Day Camp
10-Day Obedience Training
10-Day Advanced Off-Leash Training
10 days of Graduate Refresher Training
3 nights of Graduate Boarding for your vacations
All the tools that you’ll need including a leather leash, a leather training tab, a 50′ leash, a Place bed, a local chew antler, and all other necessary equipment!  Tuition: $4299

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