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Dog Training Programs

Each of our dog training options are excellent, and you are only a consultation away from choosing the best option for your family’s goals and for your dog. We know that it can be hard choosing a training studio, but our classes go above and beyond group classes at the pet store or recreation center.


–    Each of our programs are designed to have fast results. Your dog will learn commands quickly thanks to lots of practice sessions during their time with our trainers. Consistency comes with lots of practice – at home and at the studio.
–    Your dog will be learning from a variety of trainers while at our studio, which means he will listen to everyone who gives a command. This translates well at your home, because your dog will listen to everyone in the home from you to your partner and even your kids.
–    Our trainers are professionals, working full-time at the studio with our dogs and families. Each of our team members has a wealth of experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, temperaments and sizes. We are great at what we do, and are committed to your dog’s education.
–    Since our training programs happen at our busy studio, your dog is exposed to many other dogs, people, and sounds. All this stimulation leads to a well socialized dog who can concentrate in even busy circumstances.
–    We don’t leave you alone after your dog’s training is done. Each of our training programs includes time spent practicing and learning with our trainers, and we are available for questions after you have been home with your dog. We are invested in your success at home!


Potty Training
Whether you choose a comprehensive two week program or a drop-in program during your puppy’s first months, our trainers are some of the best at giving you and your pup the foundations of successful housetraining. Consistency and praise is key, and our trainers are able to give that while you are at work or out of the home.
Dog Boot Camp Programs

Your dog comes to stay with us and gets one-on-one attention, making the training work that much faster! Perfect for families all over the Chicago area. The best part is that dogs train at our studio during the day, then spend the night in the home of one of our trainers, not a kennel. Your dog will be with a trainer 24 hours a day! This assures maximum attention and training results in a safe and loving environment.

Ultimate Dog 12-Day Boot Camp Residency Program

This two week residency program is for owners that want the absolute best training for their dogs. You can really have the dog you have been dreaming of! Your dog gets the strongest foundation and you get ultimate control. It’s really simple-you drop your dog off and pick up a well-trained dog! Maybe you are going out of town, or just have a busy schedule and want your dog trained by a professional.

Program Includes: 12 Day Stay

– 14 Commands -Let’s go (loose leash walking), Off, Wait, Sit, Sit and Stay, Sit in motion, Heel, Auto-sit, Down, Down and Stay, Down from front, Down in motion, Come, and Place.

– 2 Private “people training” Lessons along with your dog

– 2 Drop-in Training Academy Days for brush-up

– Unlimited follow up phone consultations

What this means to you: No more pulling and lunging while out on a walk when meeting other dogs and people. Your dog will wait before pulling you out the door. You will be able to walk nicely down the street and in a crowded area. When the door bell rings your dog will go to his place instead of going crazy and barking! You can place your dog in a down stay while waiting at the vet or when visiting family and friends. People everywhere will be amazed at how well trained your dog is.

Well Mannered Dog 5-Day Boot Camp Residency

Perhaps you want your dog to be well-mannered but don’t have the time to make it happen. We can help! In this condensed program you will be amazed at how much your dog will learn and how fast. Walks become fun! Pulling and lunging and bad leash habits disappear. Your dog will be reliable and your life will become easier.

Program includes:

-5 Day Stay

-8 Commands – Let’s go (Loose leash walking), Off, Wait, Sit, Sit and Stay, Heel, Auto Sit, and Sit in Motion.

-2 Private “people training” Lessons along with your dog

-1 Drop-in Training Academy Day for brush-up

– Unlimited follow up phone consultations

Day Training Programs

You will soon be saying, “What did you do with my dog? This one is too well-trained!” Dogs arrive at the studio each morning then go home after an awesome day of training sessions, socialization, and exercise. When you pick your dog up at the end of each day, our trainers work with you and your dog together. This proven method really works to help you have a well-trained dog fast.

Imagine being able to control your dog when you meet other people and dogs. Your dog will no longer jump on you or others, and will not rush out the door ahead of you. You can put your dog in a down stay anywhere you go for the best control. Your dog will come when called (what a concept)! The place command will be your new best friend-when your dog is on a place they can’t get into trouble!

10 Day Program

Program includes:

-10 Days of Training over the course of 2 weeks (your dog goes home at night)

-12 Commands – Let’s go (Loose leash walking), Off, Wait, No, Sit, Sit and Stay, Sit in motion, Heel, Auto-sit, Come, Down, Down and Stay, and Place.

-Unlimited follow up phone consultations

5 Day Program 

If your main goal is to be able to take your dog on a walk and have fun doing it, this program is for you. Your dog will learn great leash manners and we will work with you to maintain them. Look forward to taking your dog on walks instead of dreading it! Go ahead! Take your dog for a walk and enjoy it! You deserve it.

Program includes:

-5 Days of Training over the course of 1 week (your dog goes home at night)

-8 Commands: Let’s Go (loose leash walking), Off, Wait, Heel, Sit, Sit and Stay, Auto Sit, and Sit in Motion.

-Unlimited follow up phone consultations

Graduate Refresher Training

Graduate Training Academy

Has your dog graduated from one of our training programs, but has gotten a little rusty?  Our Graduate Training Academy is an opportunity to brush up on any problem areas.  Don’t send your pup to to a daycare, send him to work instead

Graduate Boarding Academy

Do you want your pup to brush up on his training while you’re out of town?  Or perhaps you just want a more immersive refresher?  Our Graduate Boarding Academy comes with enrollment in the Graduate Training Academy, but the pup will board in the home of one of our trainers for a strong refresher program.

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